To purchase tickets with a change in the EU, please contact the offices of the company "EUROLINES MOLDOVA"

Authorized methods of payment

Information for passengers

n the "Eurolines Moldova" company it is possible to acquire tickets as on the direct lines executed directly by the "Eurolines Moldova" company, and to the liness executed by partners of the company. In the latter case two tickets – the first on the Moldavian bus delivering passengers to points of change are acquired:
- Berlin, Frankfurt on Main (Germany);
- Paris, Strasbourg (France);
- Warsaw, Krakow, Vrotslav (Poland);
- Brashov (Romania),
the second – on buses of partners the Eurolines Moldova companies following to required point of disembarkation of the passenger.
Our employees will help you to pick up an optimum route of a transit, and in details will explain a price policy both our company, and partners of "Eurolines Moldova".

Price policy

he "Eurolines Moldova" company offers discounts to a number of categories of passengers, as that – pensioners, young people till 26 years inclusively, children.
The flexible price policy also acts on lines of partners. Different discounts are offered students, groups from 9 people. There are also discounts for preliminary acquisition of tickets – 10 % in case of acquisition of tickets in 7 days prior to departure of buses, and also action PROMO on which it is possible to receive discounts to 50 % in case of preliminary acquisition of tickets (from 1 month before departure of the bus and earlier).