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Authorized methods of payment

Conveyance and hand luggage

he passenger has the right to take 2 articles of luggage in a luggage space of the bus and hand luggage in weight no more than 5 kg (the sizes 45х35х20см – length-width-height) in bus salon. Sm (length-width-height) should not exceed the sizes of each article of luggage following размеры:70х30х55 and on weight not to exceed 30 kg. The hand luggage which takes places in a luggage grid of salon of the bus and one article of luggage in a luggage space is taken free of charge, the subsequent article of luggage is paid according to the confirmed tariffs.

ayment for luggage is accepted by the bus driver with delivery of baggage receipts. The free and paid luggage of passengers is without fail marked by luggage labels on the ticket of the passenger and on each luggage place. In the absence of luggage labels on the ticket and the claim baggage receipt on questions утери and luggage damage are not accepted.

n the presence of an empty seat in a bus luggage space, transportation more than 2 luggage places is authorised to the passenger. The permission to transportation of additional luggage is given out by the bus driver. Payment is made under the special tariff.

he luggage is considered given out to the passenger in the event that the carrier has transferred to his face which has shown the baggage receipt and the ticket with a luggage label. If the baggage receipt or a label is absent, the carrier has the right to transfer luggage to the person who has proved its accessory.

f before luggage loading in a luggage space it is revealed damages already available it which in a consequence can be classified as events because of crew, drivers should draw up the statement about presence of damages of luggage prior to the beginning of flight. The certificate is made in the free form.

efore luggage loading in a luggage space each place should be marked luggage labels with number. One label is fixed on luggage, another with the same number is pasted on a passenger copy of the ticket. Delivery of luggage after a trip is made only in the presence of the given luggage labels and according to them.

bout a damage put to luggage, or the passenger should declare its loss immediately on the arrival of the bus in destination and then give written acknowledgement no more than in 10 days from the moment of bus arrival.

he luggage which has been not given out to the passenger within 14 days from the date of receipt of its statement for delivery, is considered lost. In case of loss of luggage because of a carrier the maximum cost of compensation to the passenger makes 50 (fifty) Euros in Moldavian lei on the person. This rule operates only at the conclusion of the contract of transportation from the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL, in other cases treaty provisions of foreign carriers operate.

n case of damage of luggage of the passenger because of a carrier, the carrier pays a material damage if it does not exceed 190 euros. In case cost of contained luggage is estimated by the passenger more than 190 euros, it should issue a corresponding insurance policy on luggage and in case of damage of such luggage to address in the insurance company with the statement for damage compensation.

he carrier does not bear responsibility for safety of hand luggage and personal things in bus salon.

he carrier is not responsible for the maintenance and safety of luggage of the bus transported in a luggage space, regarding transportation of jewellery, a photo and video-equipments, cash and checks, fragile subjects.

he carrier does not bear a damage liability, caused to luggage because of the passenger, or in connection with features or packing of its luggage, except for cases when the passenger can prove that harm has been put owing to an error or a negligence of the personnel of the bus.

or the things forgotten or left in the bus of the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL responsibility does not bear.