To purchase tickets with a change in the EU, please contact the offices of the company "EUROLINES MOLDOVA"

Authorized methods of payment

The general provisions

he presents “Rules of sale of tickets, by joint venture buses" Eurolines Moldova "SRL in the international message” (further – Rules) regulate transportations of passengers and luggage process of sale of tickets and transportation of passengers and luggage on the regular lines served by the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL and its partners in the international lines and extend on the passengers who have concluded the contract of transportation from the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL.

he present Rules regulate an order of sale of tickets of the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL and extend on passengers getting tickets in the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL, and also at the agents realising tickets under the contract from the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL. On the passengers getting tickets of other carriers - joint venture partners "Eurolines Moldova" SRL or their agents on joint from the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL the lines which are carried out as the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL, and its partners in these lines - extend rules of these carriers.

n joint international lines are used as the buses registered in R.Moldova, and buses of foreign partners. The requirement of the passenger about transportation in the bus of a certain carrier is not carried out. The carrier has the right to replacement of the bus and change of passengers, as on departure stations, and along the line. In necessary cases (the breakage, insufficient loading of buses etc.) the carrier can make the organised change of passengers from one bus on another. In this case the carrier guarantees places in the bus, but numbers of places to passengers in this case are not guaranteed.

he quantity of the passengers transported by bus on the international routes, corresponds to the quantity established by manufacturer of the bus, except for places for office using.