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Authorized methods of payment

The rights and duties of the passenger

t realisation of the international bus transportations the passenger is obliged:
- To show the ticket and to pay luggage transportation according to the established tariffs;
- In due time to arrive to a landing place to the bus;
- To keep the ticket till the end of a trip and to show to its supervising persons;
- In case of need, to show the document confirming privileges;
- To observe in a way all requirements of the personnel of the bus;
- To observe the established rules of crossing of border of the state on which territory the international transportation is carried out;
- To have the baggage receipt and to be present during survey of luggage and other property belonging to it, and also at sampling, tests of substances and materials which belong to it, for the express analysis corresponding supervising bodies in points of the customs and boundary control;
- To have at itself necessary documents for crossing of borders. In case of full or partial absence of necessary documents or their discrepancy to requirements of a frontier service the carrier does not bear any liability for damages, suffered by the passenger, and does not compensate them;
- To observe the rules established in the visited countries, including visa periods of validity, the customs, tax and other administrative requirements shown to passengers.

he passenger has the right to take advantage of privileges at purchase of the bus ticket in the presence of the corresponding documents confirming the granted right. The carrier establishes various discounts for various categories of passengers (youth, children, pensioners etc.) at own discretion. Discounts for different lines and departures can differ.

he passenger has not the right:
- During movement to disturb to the driver or to distract its attention from management of bus;
- To transport luggage on seats and to put it in pass between seats of the bus;
- To use the emergency equipment needlessly;
- To take dangerous, explosive, inflammable, poisoning, poisonous, caustic and fetid substances, the fire-arms, pricking, cutting subjects without covers, subjects and the things polluting the bus or clothes of passengers, animals and birds, lengthy subjects from above 190 see;
- To be in bus salon in spoiling clothes, to interfere with closing of doors or to open them to a full stop of the bus.
- The passenger is responsible for the damage caused through his fault, including for damage or pollution of the bus or the equipment belonging to a carrier, and also for infringement of the present Rules. The size of compensation is defined by size of the caused damage. The certificate about damage is made by the bus driver. Penalty payment can be made on a place.

o the passenger can be refused transportation irrevocably payments:
- In case of detention of the passenger for transportation of not properly executed luggage in the customs relation or absence of necessary documents for border crossing if it leads to a bus delay on a check-point;
- In case of a finding in the bus in an alcohol intoxication breaking calmness of other passengers;
- In case of infringement of points 1 – 2 present Rules.