To purchase tickets with a change in the EU, please contact the offices of the company "EUROLINES MOLDOVA"

Authorized methods of payment

Responsibility of firm

he joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL bears responsibility:
- In case of trip interruption - at a rate of a tariff fare for not proceeded site of a routeа;
- In a case утери luggage at a rate of no more 50 (fifty) Euro in Moldavian lei on each passenger.

laims are accepted in agency. The joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL to the address: Moldova, Kishinev, the Theatrical lane 4/1 only in written form. The passenger copy of the ticket and other necessary documents is applied on the statement. Claims are accepted within 2 weeks from the moment of the trip termination. Claims for the latent damage are not accepted.

n case flight was carried out by other carriers, and the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL carried out only sale of tickets on the terms of the agency agreement, the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL accepts statements of the passenger and transfers to their corresponding carriers within 7 working days after statement reception.

he carrier does not bear responsibility for delays in ways and deviations from the time-table, caused by weather and other environment, actions of boundary, customs and other state structures, for the losses suffered by the passenger owing to delay of the bus, including delay on change on other type of transport.