To purchase tickets with a change in the EU, please contact the offices of the company "EUROLINES MOLDOVA"

Authorized methods of payment

Return of the tickets and payments

he point sales (agency) is obliged to return 100 % for not used bus tickets and for not taken place trip to cases:
- At sale on one place of two and more tickets;
- At return of the bus to a starting point.

t the trip termination along the line, to an event because of a carrier, to the passenger the tariff fare for not proceeded site of a route comes back, or (at a presentation of corresponding documents) the fare to destination is compensated by bus of other carrier.

he passengers who were late to departure, shown the ticket with the withdrawn coupons on route sites to landing in the bus are not supposed, ticket cost does not come back, the duplicate does not stand out.

t return by the passenger of not used ticket got in agencies the joint venture "Eurolines Moldova" SRL on a line of carriers - joint venture partners "Eurolines Moldova" SRL, return of payments is carried out according to Rules of return of the given carriers.
The tickets got in agencies outside of R.Moldova, to return to R.Moldova are not accepted.

fter departure of the bus return of tickets is not made.

he open ticket can be shown to return during ticket period of validity. Return will be carried out by the general rules.

n default from a trip, for operation on registration of return of payments for the unused travel paper (ticket), the following commission gathering is raised from the passenger:

Ticket return / Change of date of departure
Commission gathering
Change travel date with more than 48 hours before departure
TAX 10% of the ticket price
Change travel date less than 48 hours before departure
TAX 15% of the ticket price
Return ticket with more than 48 hours before departure
refund with a penalty of 20%
Return ticket less than 48 hours before departure
refund with a penalty of 50%