To purchase tickets with a change in the EU, please contact the offices of the company "EUROLINES MOLDOVA"

Authorized methods of payment

Sale of the tickets

he document on the right of journey to the international bus lines of the joint venture «Eurolines Moldova» SRL and its partners in the international lines is the ticket, the established sample. The ticket is nominal and is valid for journey only in relation to the person specified in the ticket. Resale, and also transfer of bus tickets to other persons is forbidden, and at a ticket presentation other person – is void.

reliminary and current sale of tickets for journey is carried out in cash desks on road service stations (autostations) and separately located points of sale (agencies). Sale of tickets is carried out both carriers, and the persons (agents) authorized by them. Sale of tickets can be carried out by drivers of buses, both at final stops, and on a route of buses.

reliminary sale of tickets for lines from Moldova is carried out 60 days prior to the moment of departure of flight. Booking of tickets for joint venture lines "Eurolines Moldova" SRL is carried out on request of the passenger, the following moment is thus considered: - at not the repayment the passenger of the ticket in time 2 days prior to bus departure, booking of the ticket acts in film also arrives in free sale. Claims for not redeemed , booking are not accepted. Preliminary sale and booking of tickets by other carriers, joint venture partners «Eurolines Moldova» SRL in other countries, is carried out according to Rules of these carriers.

he tickets got by passengers (except for return open tickets), are valid only for the period of following to the destination specified in the ticket. Return open tickets are valid within 6 months from the moment of bus departure in flight and should be confirmed in point of sale of tickets not less than for 7 days prior to the beginning of a return trip. On flights to Germany with the fixed date also it is necessary to confirm return tickets in points of sale of tickets not later than 2 days before bus departure. At sale of tickets place number in the bus is not underlined.

he point sales (agency) realising tickets has the right to refuse sale of the ticket to the passenger in following cases:
- Absence of empty seats;
- The passenger is in a condition at which the rights and calmness of other passengers can be broken.

n spoilt (broken off, scorched etc.) tickets, the duplicate can be given out. For this purpose it is necessary for passenger to address in agency on sale of tickets. For registration of the duplicate of the ticket operational gathering according to the established tariff is raised. Tickets to which corrections are made, without a stamp of point of sale are void. On the lost tickets duplicates do not stand out also claims are not accepted.

he bus ticket grants the right to journey in the bus to the destination specified in the schedule. Placing in hotels, a food, the additional service equipment in buses and other services are not included into ticket cost.

hanges in the ticket (date and a departure time) can be made only once.
Change of a name and surname, direction is not made. At date and departure time change, if a fare other flight above what the passenger refuses the passenger is obliged to pay in addition this difference in the price. If a fare other flight below from what refusal the difference in the price to the passenger does not come back is made. It is impossible to make repeated changes in the ticket, but the ticket with changes can be accepted to return in accordance with general practice.