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Since September 1, 2017 Eurolines Romania and Eurolines Moldova have started a partnership with the largest European bus operator FlixBus.

FlixBus is a young carrier company, which from 2013 offers millions of people in Europe a new concept of travel. In the shortest possible time, FlixBus created Europe's largest bus network, which was the result of a unique combination of a technological start-up, an Internet company and a classic transport enterprise.

Thanks to the ease of booking and the daily increasing number of offers, FlixBus gives millions of travelers the opportunity to discover the world while saving money.

For Eurolines Moldova and its customers, transport cooperation with FlixBus is becoming more modern, more efficient and broader.

Moldovan travelers have since gained access to more than 200,000 daily trips to 1,200 cities in 26 European countries (directly or with a transfer).

We especially draw your attention to the fact that when you purchase FlixBus tickets at our agencies, the return and exchange of tickets is carried out according to the Rules of this company.

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